The first course of any family law conflict is to understand where you are in the dispute process. You want to understand your rights as a parent, grandparent or spouse prior to litigation or a divorce being filed, but maybe you have already been involved in legal action and do not know where to go from here. You might be getting hammered by an opposing counsel, or you just had an adverse ruling and are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. These are reasonable reactions to going through litigation unrepresented, or if your current representation does not meet your expectations. From slow burning uncontested settlement negotiations to trial-by-fire custody battles, our firm knows how to change gears to achieve the right results for your unique situation.

Every family law conflict is complex because the stakes are personal and a loss can be devastating emotionally and financially. Maybe you thought that you could handle it on your own and are now more stressed and emotionally drained that you were to begin with. Almost every legal battle requires a lawyer with experience to guide you through the dispute anticipating the behaviors of the other side, understanding the personalities of the players and executing a clear strategy, and family law is no different.

Where you are in a dispute determines what your options are and dictates what makes a ‘winning’ strategy. Many times litigants delay consulting with our firm and the outcome changes substantially for the worse.

The Mason Law Firm, LLC is hired to represent clients at every stage of family law disputes. This may include replacing current counsel to finalize a case through trial or negotiation, or filing a new action. Our team routinely is brought in to take over a cases to execute a different strategy or supplement current counsel to expand expertise. Contact our North Georgia family law attorneys for an in-person, virtual or phone consultation today.