Family Law Trial Attorneys
Experts in Divorce + Custody Actions

Family Law Trial Attorneys
Experts in Divorce + Custody Actions

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Our firm represents clients in some of the most contentious and complex divorce and child custody cases in Cherokee County and across all of North Georgia. In 2017, our team successfully represented a party in the longest divorce trial in Cherokee County history at twenty-three (23) days. Our cases typically involve complex claims of financial impropriety, business valuations, alimony, adultery and deception, emotional and physical abuse, parental alienation, family violence, personality disorders, substance abuse, PTSD, and severe mental health diagnoses of children and litigants.

Since 2007 our team has participated in divorce jury trials, judge trials, and evidentiary hearings before over fifty-two (52) Superior Court judges in Georgia.

Attorneys and former judges alike have referred cases to our team due to their complexity and need for specialized attention. This specialized attention results in comprehensive case management including: obtaining and reviewing significant financial data, creating a strategy for cases involving psychologists, custody evaluators, and mental health experts, and hiring experts to value businesses and real estate. We have gained trust among our peers and judges, building a reputation for beingĀ  strong, prepared, and competent trial attorneys willing to handle the most complex family law issues.

After we accept a client, we create a case-by-case trial strategy and are transparent about the cost of each component beforehand. Clients appreciate knowing what needs to be done and not just being asked for a blank check.

As a father-and-son firm, we have been entrusted as divorce and child custody counsel for multi-generations of Canton, Woodstock, and Cherokee County families. As a result, our aggressive courtroom presence is well known among the legal community. Despite this nature, we pride ourselves on our reputation of professionalism. As trial lawyers, we do not fear an outcome by trial and our biggest successes are based on our meticulous investigation and preparation.

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Preparation + Investigation Build a personalized case strategy and execute it.
Courtroom Advocacy Commanding presence and detailed knowledge of facts wins cases.
Service + Professionalism Responsivness and team work are key to a client's trust.
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High Conflict Child Custody Cases
We specialize in high conflict custody cases. Our expertise includes creating boundaries on behalf of our clients. We also investigate and advise when issues relating to personality disorders, mood dysregulation, parental alienation, major depressive disorders and depression, special needs of a child, family violence and emotional and physical abuse. These cases often require weekly attorney-client interactions, and crisis management. We also provide our clients with the proper resources to assist them in handling these situations going forward.
Complex Financial Divorces
Complex financial divorces mandate using investigative financial tools to identify assets and debts sometimes through forensic accounting. It also includes valuing assets like businesses and real estate portfolios by the use of valuation experts. These cases also require creative solutions to divide assets and debts. Generally, these cases include a claim for alimony. Alimony is the single greatest battleground in long-term marriage or income disparity cases. There is no formula or certainty with regard to an alimony award.
Child Support Claims
The income of both parties is central for determining child support. These cases include using investigative tools to forcibly obtain accurate income information using subpoenas for employment files and bank statements. Sometimes, financial experts like CPAs are used to establish an income value for our clients or dispute the income of the opposing party. Diligent review and expert analysis of financial records can make the difference in your case.
Guardianship + Grandparent Custody
Guardianship and Grandparent Custody are two options for grandparents to obtain physical and legal custody. Guardianship occurs in Probate Court and may be transferred to Juvenile Court should there be a contested proceeding. A guardianship award is similar to a custody order and provides the legal authority to enroll the child in schooling, regulate participation in extracurriculars and obtain or refuse medical treatment.

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Josh represented me for almost three years in a custody case which was very complex, difficult, nuanced, and spanned two different counties two hours apart. He never flinched or backed down and was a consummate professional whose expertise was overwhelmingly evident. He always helped me maintain my sanity during the really rough parts of the case and fought for me in such a way that showed he truly did care about my well being, my child’s well being, and the outcome of the case. Observing his courtroom prowess was to watch a master perform his craft which time and again, hearing after hearing, provided the steady reassurance that I was in good hands.

I truly cannot say enough good about this firm or recommend them highly enough. Thank you!

K. F.
Modification of Custody
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