Josh represented me for almost three years in a custody case which was very complex, difficult, nuanced, and spanned two different counties two hours apart. He never flinched or backed down and was a consummate professional whose expertise was overwhelmingly evident. He always helped me maintain my sanity during the really rough parts of the case and fought for me in such a way that showed he truly did care about my well being, my child’s well being, and the outcome of the case. Observing his courtroom prowess was to watch a master perform his craft which time and again, hearing after hearing, provided the steady reassurance that I was in good hands.

I truly cannot say enough good about this firm or recommend them highly enough. Thank you!

K. F.
Modification of Custody

A lot of effort and preparation went into my custody case. Opposing side was throwing every roadblock imaginable. On our side things were organized, weekly reviews/ communications…and when it was time for court, Josh was well prepared. After the final review, Josh eased my concerns by saying: “Now let me do my job”. The end result was exactly what it needed to be.

B. K.
Modification of Custody and Child Support

I was referred to Mason Law Firm by a friend to represent me during my divorce. I spoke with several attorneys prior and decided to work with Joshua Mason. I made the right choice. Joshua Mason is driven, resourceful, determined and fair. He doesn’t cut corners, him and his team does in-depth research to make sure they have the facts and all of the facts. He was honest even when it was hard for me to hear.

The paralegals I had the pleasure of working with Michael and Ben were exceptional. Every step of the way they were considerate of my feelings while remaining professional and firm regarding what was needed. They are detailed, organized, knowledgeable and most of all kind.

Trust an expert with your case no matter how simple it may appear because having the right attorney makes a huge difference. After working with Mason Law and comparing to what others went through that didn’t have good representation. I know I had the opportunity to work with the best.

B. A.

The Mason Law Firm has been so amazing. I had a custody case that had been dragging on, but when I decided to hire Josh Mason, things finally started moving. His staff was fantastic and always answered my questions and communicated with me often. Josh was always willing to speak with me whenever I had concerns. I will be forever grateful for the time and care they took with me and my family.

L. P.
Modification of Custody

Hire this man! Do it! If you can’t afford it, take out a loan! I hired another “reputable” firm for an *extremely* nasty and complicated divorce and custody case. It did not go well and I HAD to hire Joshua. I have dealt with and interviewed dozens of attorneys, in multiple states and multiple counties in Georgia.

Joshua Mason is *by far* the best attorney I’ve dealt with.

Hire. Him.

V. G.
Divorce with Custody Considerations

I am very grateful to Mr. Joshua Mason and The Mason Law Firm, as well as his wonderful team who since the start of my legal ordeal have been nothing but professional, honest, supportive and kind. I also have to thank his awesome paralegal Michael. I highly recommend their services.

J. H.
Divorce with Custody Considerations